Chess is the gymnastics of intelligence

As a member of NCH, your school becomes part of one of the biggest and fastest-growing learning networks in Africa. 

Our mission is to make children and youth smarter and to develop their brainpower. We do this through Chess, but also through a number of courses that are universally relevant for children to learn and for teachers to teach.

At NCH we also make it possible for your students to participate in online tournaments with players from other schools all over Africa.

African School Girl At Laptop Having Online Lesson At Home

Online Classes

NCH provides a number of online classes for all levels of students. We also teach whole classes. For elite training in Chess, we work with ACL Academy to provide the most advanced chess training and coaching in Africa approved by the International Chess Federation FIDE.

Become a Member School

At NCH Africa all children can learn to develop their skills and their mind. NCH provides support for all teachers to use our learning platform in the optimal way. Join the many other schools that are already members of NCH Africa.


Learn about many interesting and important subjects that can make your life better or easier. Learn about nutrition, mindmaps, first aid and problem solving. NCH is here to help you get wiser and think smarter.

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Bold ideas are like chess pieces that move forward; they can be eaten, but they can start a winning game.

White horse chess piece over a colorful bokeh
Father and son

Courses and learning from NCH Africa.

More and more courses will be introduced so watch this space. Of course, there will be a lot of focus on chess because we have so many skilled people with extensive know-how about the subject.

But the strength and versatility of the platform have attracted a number of highly skilled people in a variety of areas that want to help give the children access to a wealth of knowledge.

Since NCH from the start wanted to help children to become smarter in a fun and interesting way we consider this a win-win when we cooperate we a number of content providers.

Don’t be afraid of being a beginner

Chess for

We start out with 10 video lessons that tell about the pieces and the basic rules of the game. This is done in a fun and easily understandable way to ensure that we keep the student's interest. After having seen the lessons once or twice all beginners will be able to start playing. Either against a fellow student or against a chess engine/AI opponent - which can be set at the appropriate level.



The next logical step is to introduce the students to simple openings, the concept of the middlegame, and of course the end game. By applying strategies to the different stages of the game completely new perspectives open up for the students.
Having a strategy (or plan) of your own while at the same time trying to figure out what the opponent is planning.
Now chess starts to be challenging!

Positive black adult man makes yes gesture clenches fists feels like champion or winner wears casual


In champion strategies, the student dives deeper into the game. Instead of thinking 2 or 3 moves forward, we try to step up the game to 5 - 6 moves or more. We also start to look at some of the games played by the big Grand Masters and the different styles they are famous for. Some are aggressive others are defensive in their play. This is also the way forward for the students that want to compete in tournaments on local, National or International level.


of Time

Time can be very abstract for many children. In chess, time becomes a real factor that is essential no matter if you win or lose. Chess is played with different time controls, some are very fast and are called Bullit or Blitz, they take 1 - 5 minutes others are slow and can take hours. Losing on time is never fun, but the children learn very fast to prioritize and administrate their time. A skill that is good to have all through your life.

African girl thinking in class


Chess is so much more than just moving some pieces on a screen or a board. Chess is also about psychology and trying to read the opponent's thoughts and thereby their plan. It is very practical to be able to do in chess but it is also a lifelong skill that can be used in negotiations or at future job interviews. The student automatically learns to read facial expressions and other signs of emotions and thereby better understand the counterpart.

Learn at Home

During the last year, the need for educating children at home has exploded due to the pandemic. Our platform can be used both for teaching sessions online as well as by the children at any time also outside school hours. This means that they can do something meaningful and fun in their spare time.

Digital Lessons

The platform can be used both as a teaching tool in the classroom as well as online. If required NCH can also provide highly skilled specialized coaches for chess training. These will be tailormade online lessons aimed at specific learning levels in chess. Please contact us for further information.


Besides the comprehensive training and learning possibilities in chess, the NCH platform also will offer a number of other courses. These courses are based on universal knowledge and are aimed at strengthening the children's understanding of how the world works and how to interact with it in a practical way based on common sense. The subjects we are currently are working on are for example First Aid, Healthy Diet/Nutrition, Math and Space, and Astronomy. Many more will follow and we are always open for suggestions or volunteers that want to participate in the development of the courses with know-how or skills.

Distance Learning. Happy Black Millennial Guy Study Online With Laptop And Headset

Introduction webinar for teachers and educators

Every month we offer a 2-hour webinar for teachers and educators from schools and institutions that have signed up to use the NCH Africa Platform.

The first part of the webinar is an introduction to the NCH Africa Platform. The second part is about tips and tricks and a Q&A session.

Fill out the form in the link below and register for the next webinar.


Gold Chess on chess board game for business metaphor leadership concept
Shy awkward Afro woman wear glasses biting finger feeling embarrassed, confused and nervous. Studio.

NCH Africa is a proud member of THE UNESCO OER DYNAMIC COALITION.  This organization works towards providing the best possible educational resources and make them accessible for as many as possible. In NCH we support this goal fully.  

"Those who say they understand chess do not understand anything."

Robert Hübner

Hear what teachers and students have to say about NCH Africa.

In the brand new video below you can watch what NCH Africa can do for the children and youth with the platform.

Don´t just take our word of the educational value we offer, hear about it first hand from different users. We have picked out four relevant testimonials.  

African teacher at college

Litizia Vaughn

Limpopo International School
South Africa

Many students have to get used to using the platform, it usually takes one or two hours, and then they can navigate themselves and use a lot of the functionality.

I personally look forward to all the other courses that will be introduced so that I can incorporate the platform in more subjects over time.

Principal of chess club

Burhan Moss

Nairobi Elementary School

After having considered investing in the NCH platform for a week we decided to jump on board and give it a try, and we have not regretted that decision for a moment. 

Integration in the curriculum has been fast and easy for most of our teachers and we have had the promised support when we needed it. 

Pensive chess player

Landolo Muzazo

State University

I really have learned a lot about chess in such a short time. I play with many of my friends and also online. 


Umpapa Nglele and Mark N.

Secondary School Students
Lagos City Primary School

Every day we learn something new, but we want to be better. Our teacher has given us a lot of homework, but for us, it is not work it is fun.

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