World Education Empathy Week

 is leading this major initiative and we need to give children a way to keep learning. THIS IS THE WAY 🙏

With over 350 volunteer educators providing free education to the world’s children during World Education Empathy Week. With over 3 million children in lockdown across the world, the need for us to work together has never been so important.’

I urge you to invite your friends, family, and even whole school institutions to attend. With 350 free live lessons happening over the space of 1 week, this event will shape the future of education for the world, and I am so proud to play my part in this initiative.

Simply click the link below and schedule the lessons that you like the most. Education is the greatest weapon in the world, so let’s use it together to make the world a better place.

Click the link below to see the amazing lessons taking place next week.’