Team Etiquette

NCH teams are a great tool! You can use them for many things such as:

  • Teams for your OTB club
  • An online club or league
  • Fan clubs of players and streamers
  • Shared interests

And many more reasons, almost without limit.

However, there are a few things that are not allowed on Lichess, as they abuse the infrastructure:

  • Giving rewards to people for joining your team (other than standard team benefits such as tournament participation and simul entry)
  • Selling team followers or team members, or exchanging followers or team members
  • Joining teams from multiple accounts, or encouraging this behaviour
  • Offering team leadership as part of a trade for followers/team members

NCH teams are designed to encourage communities and to better enable us to have fun playing chess, not as collectors items. Please note that failure to follow these guidelines may result in team and account closure.