A shield tournament is one in which a unique profile trophy is up for grabs, and the winner keeps that trophy until they fail to defend it next month in the next tournament of that same time control or variant.

Shield tournaments for the standard NCH tournament time controls will be held during the first week of the month, and shield tournaments for variants will be held during the third week of the month according to the following schedule:

First Week of the Month:
  • Monday: Bullet (1+0)
  • Tuesday: SuperBlitz (3+0)
  • Wednesday: Blitz (5+0)
  • Thursday: Rapid (10+0)
  • Friday: Classical (20+10)
  • Saturday: HyperBullet (½+0)
  • Sunday: UltraBullet (¼+0)
Third Week of the Month:
  • Sunday: Chess960 (3+2)
  • Monday: Crazyhouse (3+2)
  • Tuesday: King of the Hill (3+2)
  • Wednesday: Three-Check (3+2)
  • Thursday: Antichess (3+2)
  • Friday: Atomic (3+2)
  • Saturday: Horde (3+2)
  • Sunday: Racing Kings (3+2)